Ele é um super-herói para crianças em fase terminal. Sua história fará você chorar.

Ele é um super-herói para crianças em fase terminal. Sua história fará você chorar.1shares

Quando pequenos, todos queremos nos tornar nosso super-herói favorito. Nós sonhamos em ter poderes fantásticos como escalar paredes, saltar edifícios, congelar coisas ... A lista é interminável!

É claro, chegamos a uma idade em que a razão e a maturidade nos fazem abandonar esses sonhos e mudá-los para algo mais realista, e é quando deixamos de acreditar em poderes mágicos e maravilhosos. Mas a verdade é que, se podemos ser heróis e ter habilidades incríveis, temos que descobrir quais são as superpotências reais que estão dentro de nós e o escopo que elas podem ter.

O segredo? Olhe em volta e descubra a verdadeira vocação dentro de você, combine-a com sua melhor habilidade, tenha fé em si mesmo e, acima de tudo, descubra o melhor que você pode conseguir, enquanto faz isso.

Esta é a história de um Homem-Aranha que encontrou sua vocação em um sonho

Ricky Mena estava em um dos piores momentos de sua vida. Praticamente quebrado, refugiado no sofá de um amigo e sem uma ideia de como resolver sua situação. Um dia ele encontrou uma posição como personal trainer e sua vida mudou imediatamente.

Ele mal tinha trabalhado um mês quando se viu em um sonho com sua falecida avó.

Lá, sua avó o convidou para sentar e assistir a um estranho vídeo que vinha de um antigo projetor de filmes. Nisso, um "Homem-Aranha" foi até um hospital que abrigava alguns milhares de crianças.

A princípio, Mena não entendeu nada do que estava acontecendo

Não parecia haver alguém em perigo ali. No entanto, "Homem Aranha" ficou no hospital, brincando com as crianças, tirando fotos e dando-lhes brinquedos. Ele compartilhava felicidade.

Mena perguntou a sua avó o que este vídeo tinha a ver com ele

A resposta o deixou totalmente surpreso.

"Esse é você". Sua avó disse a ele. "E é isso que você vai fazer quando acordar".

Ao acordar, Ricky sabia exatamente o que deveria fazer

Primeiro, ele vendeu seu carro e comprou sua primeira fantasia, que custou 1.400 dólares. E começou sua turnê nos hospitais próximos.

Here's a behind the scenes look at a skype session we also offer at my organization! As you can see im only wearing half my suit 😂 I was skyping with the Amazing Z-Man! Z-Man has and still battles Cerebral Palsy, is developmentally delayed, epilepsy, vision issues (near sided and glaucoma), short gut syndrome, was a premie, used to have a trach, critical three times in his 21 years, feeding tube and more. This was the second time we've skyped but we email each other a few times a week. He keeps me up to speed about his life, what he's doing, and how he's doing. Z-Man lives in Minnesota and its my #1 priority to make the next big trip out of state to him. Spidey is his best friend and the only reason i Haven't been able to is because of our current financial situation. More than 10,000 kids ive visited and counting so I'll definitely get there! If i cant immediately make it to your child due to distance we can always schedule a skype session! Z-Man graduates from college on thursday so everyone send this amazing hero a CONGRATULATIONS! Love ya Z-Man! #HeartofaHero #Spiderman #SpideySkype #cerebralpalsy #ShortGut #Friends #BestBuds #Heart #Love #Light #MakeChange #BeTheLight #Hope #Faith

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Mena não podia imaginar o quanto essas crianças precisavam de um herói

Nem com que rapidez se espalhou a notícia de que "Homem Aranha" poderia visitar as crianças internadas em hospitais.

Its not your outward appearance that deems you a hero. Its not the muscles that make you strong. Its not the words that leave a legacy. Its the actions an individual takes that dictate who they are along with their character, morals, and above all, their decision making. You see, anyone can dawn the suit of a hero and bask in the glory of seeming heroic but without a true selfless heart and genuine devotion to others, its simply an image that's hollow beyond its surface. When the world needs all the heroes it can get, why pretend to be one? Each and every one of us have a calling in this life. A purpose thats designed to be selfless, worthy of sacrifice, and to positively impact those who look to us for guidance. Dont just hold the light. Be the light. 🙏 God Bless #HeartofaHero #Spiderman #Love #BeTheLight #Life #GloryToGod #God #Amen #hallelujah #Peace #Light #Faith #hope #HumanKindness #Smiles #GoTheExtraMile #character #Morals #Actions #Devotion #Drive #Heart #Spirit #Purpose #Selfless

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Sem perceber, visitou crianças desabrigadas, com doenças terminais, em tratamento, lutando por suas vidas, crianças com necessidades especiais e muito mais.

The greatest blessing God ever placed on my life was the opportunity to become a living symbol of his grace. To be his hands, his feet, his word. To be a breathing, walking, talking figure of hope, strength, and inspiration for not just children, but the world and everyone in it. As a society, we've come to an existence based on fear and manipulation (which keeps you in a box trapped in your own living room) but im here to show you, that doesn't have to be the way. With love, everything comes into focus with extreme clarity and fear wont have a place in your mind to disrupt anything any longer. Love for yourself and others is freedom from the constraints of this world that hold you back. Its the courage and bravery it takes to believe and act. I am proof that love, in its purest form, still exists and conquers fear and darkness daily. For if I can slay monsters in the minds, hearts, and spirit of children, I am paving out a path for the future with light. 😁 Our tomorrow's look brighter everyday 😊 God Bless good world 🙏 #HeartofaHero #Spiderman #Love #Spirit #Mind #HumanKindness #Jesus #God #Light #Faith #Hope #Inspiration #Motivation #ForTheKids #ForTheChildren #smiles #happiness #MonsterSlayer #WarriorOfGod #NeverStop #LivingExample #Proof #Triumphant #saratogasubacute #Saratoga #Ca

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Em cada visita, Mena não só brincava e compartilhava momentos com os pequenos, mas levava alguma esperança e alegria

I've gone to the ends of the earth to visit children in need and NOT just in hospitals. One of the coolest places I visit kids is at home! Sometimes hospitals say no to Spidey coming due to rules and regulations they must follow but that doesn't mean all is lost. I'll always go the extra mile 😀 in fact, home visits have a huge upside. In the hospital setting, I only get a few minutes in each room to connect and make a difference in each child's life due to how many kids I see per hospital visit but at home, I'm usually there for 45 minutes to an hour! At home, the child gets ALL Spider-mans attention PLUS their very own toys customized to their likes and favorite things (via what their parents tell us prior to showing up). More time, more toys, more attention! Interested in a home visit for a child in need you know? Send us an email at [email protected] 😉 Interested in funding these kind of visits to continue? Visit www.Gofundme.com/Spidey4Kids (or click the link in my bio) 😊 Thank you all in advance and God bless🙏 #HeartofaHero #Spiderman #HomeVisits #AboveAndBeyond #Blessed #Prayers #MoreThanSpiderman #MoreToys #MoreTime #light #Love #Laughter #Smiles #Hope #Faith #God #FortheKids #Peace #Joy #Teamwork #Effort #Inspire #Motivate

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Ele também levava brinquedos, máscaras, livros de pintura, cobertores, travesseiros e até medalhas de heróis honorários!

YOUR JOY IS YOURS. No one can take it from you unless you let them. It's up to you to protect it and not surround yourself with individuals who will try and rob you of happiness, light, and ability to shine. People think success is obtaining material objects like money and everything it can buy (houses, cars, jewels, etc.) but that's an illusion of success and one that is as flimsy as the ground it sits on. REAL success brings you things NO ONE can take from you. Like happiness, love, and peace (just to name a few). Material trophies that represent "Success" can be taken from you in the blink of an eye and everything will crumble behind it but even if I personally ended up in a cardboard box on the streets, I'm still successful because of what I did and who I did it for in this life. The extent of my success couldn't EVER be rewarded properly in this life because spreading love throughout a hateful and dark world is, a lack for better words, priceless. No one can take that from me or the kids regardless of where I end up. Do something so great with your life that its rewards can't ever be compromised or categorized. Be so amazing that you're difficult to describe, yet so transparent people can even see THEMSELVES clearer in your image. I promise the rewards you'll receive from God will be greater than anything you could possibly receive in this realm 😁 God Bless 🙏 #HeartofaHero #Spiderman #HavePurpose #LiveOutsideTheBox #GoBeGreat #LoveMore #HateLess #HumanKindness #Blessed #Prayers #Wisdom #God #Love #Light #Hope #Faith #InspireOthers #Motivate #Life #Purpose #Success #PostOfTheDay #Happiness #Leader

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Tudo isso, mais os figurinos, que com o uso tinham que ser renovados, custavam muito dinheiro a Mena. Sem mencionar sua dedicação diária

You are not your illness. You're not your diagnosis, your flaws or your failed attempts. You are more than that. You're a person with a life thats set to overcome more than the average human being will ever have to. You'll be stronger for it. You'll appreciate all the little things the world doesn't even see. The air will feel that much better, the sun will warm your soul that much more and your smiles will be much more genuine. When I look at you I don't see weakness. I see the kind of strength that counts. It comes from within and makes you unshakeable to your core. Not everyone in the world will see it like I do but whenever in doubt, I hope our friendship is a reminder of how incredible you really are. It doesnt take a superhero to create one in you. It just takes some love to uncover the one buried beneath your surface and the greatest treasures are the ones worth digging for 😁 God Bless and Good Day world! #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #HeroBeneathTheSurface #YouArePowerful #beyondmeasure #LiveWithPurpose #Love #Life #Light #Strength #Beauty #BeautyOfPerception #PicOfTheDay #InTheNameOfGod #inspiration #Hope #Faith #TogetherWeStand #ForHumanity #ForTheKids #God #Prayers #Blessings

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Finalmente, "Homem-Aranha" criou uma fundação chamada "Heart Of a Hero" (coração de um herói), onde ele pedia colaboração para continuar com este belo trabalho

Este incrível trabalho começou em outubro de 2014

Its not so much about the presents. Its more about my presence. Through the month of December, I made visits to hundreds of kids in hospitals, their homes, and more to ensure they knew how loved they were. On Christmas eve, my crew and I even personally delivered over 215 gifts to the door steps of 43 children who's parents fell on hard times and couldn't afford a Christmas. As cool as it is to hand out gifts on EVERY visit (not just Christmas), the real gift is being there. Its giving children AND their families hope, light, and love through a newfound friendship. Its walking Into the lives of people who feel alone to let them know and show them, they're not. So as another season of Christmas fades into the fast paced days and weeks of the new year please remember it doesn't require a holiday to let someone know you care. For the greatest gift you could ever present this world, is your presence. Now GO BE GREAT! Amen 🙏🏼 #HeartOfaHero #SutterChildrens #Sacramento #Spiderman #Love #Presence #GiftOfLove #Smiles #Light #Inspire #BeBrave #GoBeGreat #God #Prayers #Strength #YearRoundStNick #Joy #Amen #Faith #Hope

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E em 4 anos trouxe alegria para quase 10 mil crianças!

There's a whole world of children out there who dont feel as loved and appreciated as everyone else. Outside of their parents/family, everything they see on social media, TV, billboards, and magazines makes them feel inferior. The world shows them models who are skinny and without blemishes, which implies the standard for beauty. Their confidence is submerged under the weight of being unable to gain health long enough to get out and make friends, experience life, and chase dreams. Their trapped beyond walls that majority of the world passes by daily in their vehicles without second thought. Fighting for life. Fighting for light. Fighting to smile. I say to all children I've encountered, I am your friend. You are beautiful. There's nothing wrong with you. You're strong and I feel blessed to know you. We will get through this TOGETHER. Thank you God for allowing me to love the forgotten, Heal the ill, glorify the underappreciated, and notice the unseen. For we are each others greatest gifts 🙏🏼 God Bless #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #CaptainAmerica #Spidey #Cap #Love #BeautyIsBeyondWhatIsSeen #Light #Laughter #Smiles #GiftsFromGod #Blessings #Prayers #ILoveAllTheChildrenOfThisWorld #ToGodBeTheGlory #Hope #Faith #Friends #SutterChildrens #Sacramento

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Ele não é um super-herói da vida real?

Yesterday was awesome at Sutter Children's Center in Sacramento California. I showed up for Halloween to join forces with the "West Coast Avengers" (@captain_steverogers_ and @ladydeadpoolpwnz ) and everyone had a blast. This event was set up for not only kids who couldn't leave the hospital but also kids who have recently spent extensive amounts of time there. Im glad I chose to make an appearance because all the smiles and little ones in costumes made my day as much as we made theirs 😁👍🏼 Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. Don't eat all your candy at once! Haha God bless world #HeartOfaHero #WestCoastAvengers #SutterChildrensSacramento #SutterChildrens #Sutter #Sacramento #Ca #Light #Love #Joy #halloween #Fun #smiles #Family

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As crianças não pagam absolutamente nada pelas visitas do "Homem Aranha"

If there was ever a picture worth a thousand words, its this one. I ventured out to UC Davis Hospital in Sacramento California to visit this little angel named Krystal. Shes 5 but turns 6 years old Tomorrow! As of 9/24 she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumors. In her case it means Stage 4 Cancer. The family was absolutely devastated by the news and a friend of theirs contacted me. Meeting Krystal was an amazing experience. Regardless of her situation, she chooses to smile so big, laugh, dance and play. She was so loving and kept randomly giving me unexpected hugs throughout the visit. At one point (after some fart jokes lol) she smiled, bounced on her hospital bed in excitement and said "This is the best day ever!" and it melted my heart. At the end of our visit I told her it was time for me to go and she stood up on her bed and literally jumped in my arms (pictured here) and said "No. Dont go". I made sure she knew she has a friend in spidey always 😊 Krystal is in the fight of her life and all of YOU can help by sharing this post AND donating to her gofundme at the link below. Happy Birthday beautiful girl and here's to many many more! God bless 🙏🏼 https://www.gofundme.com/4hre7mw https://www.gofundme.com/4hre7mw https://www.gofundme.com/4hre7mw #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #YouAreMySunshineKrystalMarie #Hugs #BestHugsEver #BestDayEver #Love #wilmstumor #pediatriccancerawareness #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #MoreThan4 #donate #Help #Share #Pray #FightLikeAKid #Smiles #InspireOthers #motivate #ucdavishospital #Sacramento #ucdavis #ca #KrystalStrong #FightLikeKrystal #Tough #resilient

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Ricky Mena, o "Homem-Aranha" disse que "as visitas iluminam os rostos e espíritos de cada criança"

"E tenho orgulho de dizer que me apaixonei por trazer alegria para esses pequenos heróis"

Passion. It will take you to the doorstep of your dreams. For me, it has brought me to the doorstep of little ones who long to dream. It takes great patience and understanding to be the man in my shoes. It requires strength beyond the physical kind. It takes a willingness to endure heartache continuously and stand up to the challenge of rising from the ashes better and stronger than before. It hurts to grow. Its a painful evolution of self but when its for them, its worth it. And its always for them. I dont know how to love less therefore I cannot be expected to hurt less. The only choice is to become stronger as the children do upon being diagnosed. I'm not a doctor and there's no such thing as a "Real" spider-man. I'm just a real person under a familiar mask who's willing to love you regardless of any risks of being hurt deeply. To all the little wonder women, princesses, supermen, bat kids, little spideys and more, I'm here. I walk courageously with you. God Bless 💪🏼😊👍🏼 #HeartOfaHero #Spiderman #CaitlinStrong #Caitlin #leukemia #PediatricCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #WonderWoman #MoreThan4 #Blessings #Prayers #Beautiful #Toys #Love #Light #Inspire #Motivate #GoBeGreat #Strength

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Embora ele tenha enfrentado muitas vezes um final triste e difícil, sempre continuou

There's more than just a child in this coffin. He was a young boy named Rylan and alongside him in that box lie his dreams, aspirations and wishes. What the box can't contain is his huge spirit, awesome dance moves, a smile that made everyone in the room light up and his laughter that was so infectious you almost forgot he was fighting anything. After a long hard fought battle with pediatric cancer, he passed away April 1st 2016 at just 6 years old. This is a reality his parents @jamacomb and @krisimacomb must face every single day. As September is pediatric cancer awareness month, I wanted to reintroduce this picture to all of you because Rylan deserved more than 4% funding. His parents deserved to see him grow up, learn to shave, have his first crush, get his drivers license and go to prom but that unfortunately won't be the case. Its why all of YOU who get to live and watch your children live healthy lives MUST make the most of It FOR RYLAN. In his honor, its why WE must step up and change things for future children who are forced to fight for their right to grow up. Rylans dreams live on through me, his parents, family, friends and thousands of #TeamSmilinRylan supporters. We love and miss you buddy. While the fight goes on for us, I hope you're dancing in heaven. Please consider donating to @stbaldricks (www.stbaldricks.org) to ensure less parents bury their children and I won't have to carry more of these coffins that are far too small. God bless. #HeartOfaHero #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #pediatriccancerawareness #YellowRibbon #SmilinRylan #WeMissYou #Truth #HarshReality #LetsChangeIt #Love #Donate #StBaldRicks #BeTheChange #Light #Dreams #Heaven #God #StopThis #WeCan #WeWill #Funding #ForHumanity #ForTheKids #RIP

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Ele nunca se esqueceu de nenhum de seus amigos e tudo o que eles deixaram

Charlie Degrange. Today he would have been 11 years old. He battled DIPG (a terminal brain tumor) and passed away December 6, 2015 at just 9 years of age. After meeting the first 1,000 kids in my journey as spider-man, Charlie was the first terminal child I had ever met. Our bond as Spidey and charlie was incredible but charlie was also the first child I ever met as myself too. After I wrote and performed a song in his honor on FB, He told his father he wanted to meet the man who sang it. We met and became friends as Charlie and Ricky without him ever knowing I was also his friend Spider-Man. I was blessed to be his friend twice 😁 Charlie made me a better man and walking alongside him at the ladder half of his journey prepared me for what would come in the future. To this day, I still wear his blue support wristband on my right wrist (over my Spider-Man suit as well) and always will. Every day I miss him but every day is FOR him. I still feel his spirit guiding this mission toward helping more children all the time. Happy Heavenly Birthday Charlie. I miss you buddy. God bless world. #HeartOfaHero #DIPG #Spiderman #DIPGawareness #CharlieDegrange #Forever9 #Love #HappyBirthdayInHeaven #MissingYou #MyFriend #MyBuddy #PediatricCancerAwareness #MoreThan4 #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #HeartOfaHeroHistory #Faith #Hope #Prayers #God

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E continua com essa missão que começou com um sonho, como o sonho de qualquer um, para um dia se tornar um super-herói

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